Our Diversity Vision

HSS actively seeks a cohort of residents that combines US graduates and graduates from abroad, including both allopathic and osteopathic medical graduates. We especially welcome residency application by candidates from traditionally health-underserved minority groups in the US.

In particular, we seek residents from within and beyond the US with leadership potential who will be able to respond to the emerging needs of the increasingly diverse US population, and who will become global leaders in mental health.

Residents who do best at HSS are those who thrive in a richly diverse environment, and who learn well from differences as well as similarities: Hybrid vigor is a well-established biological principle.

Succinctly stated: Where you came from is less important than where you’re going!

Diversity & Harvard Medical School

The diversity commitment at HSS is embedded in the diversity commitment of Harvard Medical School throughout the academic continuum. An important resource for continued development is the HMS Minority Faculty Development Program (MFDP).

In May of 1990, the Harvard Medical School Faculty Council Established the MFDP.

MFDP is designed to support the career development of junior faculty and to address crucial pipeline issues. This includes:

  • Increasing the pool of minority students interested in careers in science and medicine;
  • Promoting medical students, graduate students, and fellows to develop the needed skills for success in the academic arena; and
  • Advancing the career development of junior faculty. MFDP is a part of the Harvard Medical School Office for Diversity and Community Partners