HSS Academic Teaching Track

Brief Description:  

The Academic Teaching Track provides an opportunity for interested PGY-IV residents to further develop their teaching skills, and is especially well-suited for residents interested in pursuing a career in academic education.  

Goals and Objectives:  

  • Residents will create a course curriculum that takes adult learning theories into consideration and implements evidence-based teaching methodology 
  • Residents will have 1-2 supervisors who are experts in the content of the developed course as well as teaching 
  • Residents will meet with their supervisor/s at least monthly  
  • Residents will teach two one-hour sessions to PGY-I residents in a relevant subject that will be videotaped and reviewed with the track director 
  • Residents will receive and review anonymous feedback from the learners to facilitate growth as a teacher 
  • Residents will write about their teaching experiences and submit a curriculum to a peer-reviewed curriculum source or a manuscript   

Learning Activities: 

  • Attending conferences at The Academy at Harvard Medical School (http://hms.harvard.edu/departments/academy) 
  • Participation in interest groups such as “Residents as Teachers” 
  • Enrollment in graduate level classes in the Boston area (at own expense) 
  • Supervise other residents who are rotating on the acute inpatient psychiatry units, consult-liaison service, or taking call in urgent care
  • Provide education to other health professions (nursing, pharmacy), medical students, and/or patients’ families
  • Assist with the preparation of a presentation to be given at the annual AADPRT meeting
  • Work with the Training Director on administrative tasks relevant to postgraduate medical education 

Track Timeline: 


  • Applications are due February 1 of the PGY-III year. 
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Track Director and faculty 
  • As part of the application process, residents will develop a specific learning contract, consisting of learning goals and methods to assess progress toward meeting these goals.   


  • Residents spend a portion of this year participating in the Academic Teaching Track.  


Rotation Leadership: 

Dr. Rulf, MD, Academic Teaching Track Director 

Dr. Pinkerson, MD, Associate Director 

Faculty members: Dr. Festin, MD,  Dr. Tahera, MD