Brief Description

The purpose of the Teaching Happy Excited Residents About PsychotherapY (THERAPY) Track is to provide an opportunity for interested PGY-IV residents to further develop their psychotherapy knowledge, skills, and abilities, through additional clinical experiences and intensive psychotherapy supervision.

Goals and Objectives

  • Residents will gain a greater understanding of theories of psychotherapy.
  • Residents will gain additional expertise in the practical application of psychotherapy with individual patients.
  • Residents will gain exposure to various psychotherapy modalities, including group psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy.
  • Residents will engage in a psychotherapy project that is consistent with their clinical/academic interests and future career goals.

Learning Activities

  • Conduct individual and group psychotherapy.
  • Meeting regularly and establishing a mentoring relationship with supervisors to discuss psychotherapy knowledge and build skills.
  • Engaging in a psychotherapy project that is suited for resident learning, future career interests, and dissemination, as developed by the resident and approved by their supervisor. Examples include a psychotherapy research project, case report, teaching psychotherapy, supervising junior residents, leading a psychotherapy journal club, and/or engaging in national leadership opportunities within psychiatry psychotherapy training.

Assessment of Learning

  • ACGME Milestones are assessed through the following methods in supervision
  • Case presentations and discussion
  • Audio recorded therapy sessions
  • Maintaining a reflection journal to process therapeutic interactions

Track Timeline


  • Applications are due February 1 of the PGY-III year.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Track Director and faculty
  • As part of the application process, residents will develop a specific learning contract, consisting of learning goals and methods to assess progress toward meeting these goals.


  • Residents spend a portion of this year participating in the Therapy Track.

Rotation Leadership

Dr. Topor, PhD, Psychotherapy Track Director
Faculty members: Dr. Poster, MD, Dr. Myers, PsyD., and Dr. Black, PhD